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Family Wisdoms

When in doubt, say "yes." You will have more regrets for not doing things than for doing things.
Every decision you make is a mistake.
People are more important than things.
I can't commit suicide. I have carpool.
Practice the Theory of Abundance – you receive more by sharing more.
There is always just enough money.
Communication. It's the key to successful communication.
Like minds think they're great. (Adele and I would often have hive mind which we interpreted as collective genius. Mostly it disturbed and annoyed the children.)
Rule for offspring: You can be lazy and have a good attitude or you can work hard and have a bad attitude. But you can't be lazy and have a bad attitude.
You must have your shoes on your feet before asking for a pee stop.
With three kids you cannot play man-to-man. You have to play zone.
When you're a kid, you hide it from your parents. When you're a parent, you hide it from your kids. (This can apply to many things, but in our case was mostly about pot.)
If you want your kids to be happy, you have to show them how by example.
Fear and love, real and enough. (This was engraved on Adele’s and my wedding bands and captured the leap of faith we took at the beginning of our relationship.)
As if. (We move forward figuring that things will work out, even if we know it’s all a crapshoot.)
It’s all gonna work out.
Every love story will end in heartache and misery. And that’s okay.
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