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Smile and Wave

Musically, this is the simplest song we wrote together. Up at the mountain cabin one night, I was messing with the riff on acoustic guitar and Adele liked the bounciness of it. The lyric is about men who can't seem to grow up and somehow come to terms (or don't) with Peter Pan and/or imposter syndrome as real life passes them by. 

It was originally titled "Big Parade," but one night the kids were watching Madagascar and we realized "Smile and Wave" worked better.

This is Turntable Graveyard live in the basement in 2016. I think we did a great job at taking a repetitive chord progession and making it feel like a full-fledged jaunty reggae-pop song. 


You got a cap gun in your pocket

You got shoeshine on your soul

Feeding quarters to the rocking horse outside

Out of change before its time to go



In the big parade

You got it made

You smile

And wave

And hold on



You fall in line

Or get left behind

And you try

To find

You lost inside

The shadow of you

The fates have finally called you

On the corner pay phone

They sure do take their time

But you don’t mind

Pick up on the next ring

Finger in the coin return

She says, “Go ahead son – it’s your dime”

The fates are calling you again

On your new iPhone

They do it all the time

You don’t really mind

When you finally pick up

Thinkin’  . . . .

She says, “Nothing changes, boy – still your dime”

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