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This lyric was not based on any actual events in Adele's life, more like the skeleton frame of an eerie short story. The narrator has experienced something (or someone) disturbing . They can block it out so long as they stay awake. But sleep always beckons.

Turntable Graveyard recorded this in our basement in 2011. To emphasize the sleep/dreaming aspects of the lyric, we tried to capture that ethereal hypnotic space between barely awake and dreaming.  We were very pleased with how this came out musically.


Moonlight—falls on my pillow
Moonglow and shadow and sorrow caught in its beams
I won’t have you in my thoughts
Now anymore
But I can’t keep you 
Out of my dreams


Softer than a melody
I feel your breath on me
I feel the warmth of you 
Heavy as air
Fingertips touch my lips
Lingering smoky kiss 
Hidden there
Like a prayer
Or a sigh
That slides
And slips through your teeth
Just like a lie

The twilight—fades in the window
Painted shut
Sealing the seams
Shuts out the night air and locks in the nightmares
I can’t keep away
Nothing but daylight keeps you
Out of my dreams

Home now

I hear the memories 
They echo
They tell me I’m not alone
Like a sister, sleep calls to me
Sweet and slowly she sings
Like a shadow it falls on me
Dark as my dreams

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