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Sweet Potato Kisses

Adele told me that one of her proudest moments as a songwriter was sitting in the audience at the Carrboro Music Festival and watching the whole crowd bouncing up and down and singing along to this one. It was a real crowd pleaser.

The theme is pretty simple -- the high-powered female business exec may be hot stuff, but the stay-at-home mom has the guy's heart. 

The recording is Great Big Gone (with Janet Place on lead vocals) playing at the City Tap in Pittsboro in 2010. This song made us play super loose!


She’s got

Work clothes

She’s got

Panty hose

I’ve got

Dirty dishes

Carolina springtime and sweet potato kisses

She’s got

High heels

She’s got

Business deals

I’ve got

What she’s missin’

Okalahoma sunshine and sweet potato kisses

What she’s got

She flaunts

But I’ve got what she really wants

She’s got brains and looks and money too

But the one thing she hasn’t got is you

What she’s got

I don’t need

But I’m what she wants to be

She’s Miss

I’m Mrs.

Chatanooga moonshine and sweet potato kisses

Oklahoma sunshine sweet potato kisses

Chattanooga moonshine sweet potato kisses

Carolina springtime and sweet potato kisses

She might be tasty, but I’m delicious.

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