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About Adele

Adele Hite


July 15, 1963 - April 22, 2022

Nutrition reformer




All-around badass woman

She was a great mom to three remarkable kids whose character wildly exceeded her expectations.

She also collected a series of "stray" kids—auxiliary young people whom she felt deserved some extra parenting care or a welcoming roof over their head.

Her intelligence and sense of humor stood out to everyone she met, and she was proud to share these traits with others, remarking "I'm the funniest person I know!"

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She was ridiculously educated, with credentials including:


  • MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching)

  • MPH (Master of Public Health)

  • RD (Registered Dietician)

  • PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in CRDM (Communications, Rhetoric, and Digital Media)


So many letters.

She was a brilliant and well-published scholar.

You can watch her PhD dissertation defense here.

Along with her hunger for knowledge she held a talent for teaching others.


She once had a high school English class burst into applause after one of her lectures.

She possessed the world's largest injustice button. You would be wise to not mistreat anyone in her presence. It would go poorly for you if you did.

She was perhaps the most formidable rhetorical force in the universe. She wouldn’t engage in an argument unless she knew she's already won it on incontrovertible principles.

Her passion for rhetoric and fighting injustice inspired her to challenge unjust status quos, in particular, the U.S. government’s dietary policies.


You can visit her feisty and irreverent nutrition blog to find some of her writings on this subject.

She understood the intricacies, legalese, history, failures, and shortcomings of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans better than any human⁠—past, present, or future.

She was a senior writer at, where she wrote dozens of articles and helped shape programs for patients and healthcare providers.


She was the driving force behind the clinical protocols for treating and reversing type 2 diabetes through therapeutic carbohydrate reduction. This work represents her gift to humanity. 


Countless people will keep their toes and eyes and have a significantly improved quality of life thanks to her tireless efforts.

As a result of her work, she received the 2022 Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners Achievement Award.

She also wrote a wonderfully accessible cookbook with her dear friend Jenni Callahan

The parts she played in the lives of family and friends are innumerable.


Here are just a few of them:

Cub Scout Den Leader of the Year, Mawat District, 2007.

Outstanding cook and preserver of heirloom recipes and family food traditions.

"The Magic Cooking Hands."

Biting wit⁠—as in, the kind that will take a bite out of you if you're not careful.


Crazy aunt to ten smart and funny nieces and nephews.


Goofy and quirky practical joker. E.g., pretending her nephew had successfully eaten (and passed) the miniature baby hiding in the king cake. She proceeded to toss it at his head.

The grandma who chose Snooks as her pet name.


Woman whose preferred list of activities included "digging in the dirt with five-year-old boys.”


Yoga instructor with the most soothing and mellifluous vocal patter.

Ordained minister of the Universal Life Church⁠—for realz!


Remarkably intuitive and crafty songwriter (even more impressive as a non-musician).

A woman who endured a debilitating chronic illness, and all its inconveniences and indignities, with unbelievable amounts of grace and acceptance.

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