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Love is sometimes fraught. Some autobiography in here. I had a dream that Lucinda Williams was singing this hook: “You think I’ll always love you/That’s Obvious”. Adele fleshed out the verses and I wrote the arrangement. 

Recorded in a hotel room in Fairbanks, Alaska, March 2022.


I hear the whisper of you, tiptoe around the room

Slide in bed next to me, 

Late spring bloom

Warm and whiskey, cigarettes, perfume

You think I’ll always love you

That’s obvious

You claimed it long ago, no treasures to defend

Hands on me so softly, I could pretend

I’m still yours or still asleep or this roller-coaster ride will end

You think I’ll always love you

That’s pretty obvious

In the calm before the storm, you hesitate

Let the thunder roll--I’m here, I’m wide awake

In the shadows of the dawn, does it matter what we make

Of this time between us, before hearts break

Let the thunder roll, I’m wide awake

You think I’ll always love you

That’s obvious

And you think you’ll always love me

That’s obvious

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