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Everybody Knows

Adele said she has always been fascinated by – and unafraid of – death. This is her beautifully rendered lyrical take on that concept. I came up with the main guitar lick as kind of a bluegrass kind of thing. She said to slow it down and turn it into a Pink Floyd-ish kind of thing. We put it all together at a Cub Scout campout in Eastern NC (cue the smell of turkey poop!).

This is the Turntable Graveyard band playing live in our basement in 2016. The idea was to take this recording and overdub better vocals and guitar parts, but that hasn’t happened yet. Mad props to Gordon on the piano solo.


I know—everybody knows

I know—that’s just the way it goes

Like a body bloody, lying in the street

You can’t turn your head away

Broken glass and shattered, scattered bones and teeth

Shining diamonds where they lay

A fortune left to fate

But I know—that’s just the way it goes

I know—everybody knows

Sweetness at your lips, underneath your fingertips, you

Can’t feel a thing even if you try

Your life takes the shape of one long sad mistake

You can’t change and you don’t know why

You never wanted to learn

To fly

I know—we’re all afraid to go

Breathing on the coals, the fire smolders

You forfeit everything that’s left

In ashes cold the weight slips off your shoulders

Stand up straight and take a breath

Open up your arms and welcome death

They say—life is just a dream

Look up—maybe you can see

How your life is spent

Sleeping—the dreamer and the dreamt

Bring me—back from the dead

Let me rise up to the singing in my head

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